In nowadays changing business environment, dress code became more casual than ever before. While this applies to both men and women, business casual or casual doesn’t imply the sloppy look.


When creativity and “thinking out of box” are qualities appreciated more than ever, we have more freedom to express ourselves through our individual clothing style that is both professional and unique.


And when it comes to women in business environment, although before in rather conservative environment women had to assert themselves more to be treated equally as men that implied sometimes more masculine-looking dull dress code as well, nowadays women can and need to remember to keep in touch with their feminine side so they can navigate through world loyal to their true nature.


Nowadays, in more creative environment, women are given more opportunities than ever to express their God-given feminine qualities like charm, creativity, intuition, and their soft power.


Maraley concept reflects just that: the fusion and balance of male and female energies by combining traditional office wear with soft refreshing and feminine embroidery.


So women can remember that “after flowers they are the loveliest thing God has given to earth”, as Christian Dior said wisely.


Check out Maraley collections that are truly unique and are reflection of nowadays women: elegant, professional, yet with slight zest of exotics.


You will truly love it. Because it will not only wave your senses with colorful magnificent embroidery but most importantly will let you shine through with your unique style and individuality.