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28 Mar Hope in Uncertain times | Covid19
Alessia Cara 1 2719
Hope in Uncertain times—this shall also pass!   Under the deadly grip of the novel Coronavirus, the whole world is going through an unprecedented crisis. The immediate future seems unpredictable and..
26 Jan The power of personal stylist
Ali 0 1552
The power of personal stylist As a modern career woman, you must tackle several big and small decisions every day, both on the personal and professional front, and let us face it—decision fatigue is ..
16 Jan Redefining business casuals | New concept womens clothing stores| Maraley
Ali 23 6564
5 ways we are redefining business casual wear Ever since the idea of business casuals was introduced to the corporate world in the 1980’s, women have faced the challenge of finding smart and flatteri..
17 May The Modern Woman’s Guide to Dressing for Work
0 3504
The Modern Woman’s Guide to Dressing for Work The “Quiet Revolution” is a term that many people probably haven’t heard about before. However, this revolution was one of the most important to begin in..
01 May Maraley day to night dresses
0 3256
What is the best way to go from stamping the time sheet to painting the town? With the right accessories, it is easy to get to a ladies night out right after work. What especially makes it easy is hav..
01 May 7 things that our mothers do not tell us about
0 3093
Being a mother is the hardest job that you can imagine and sometimes it leads to a nervous breakdown and frustration. No mother will tell you about this, but there are few things that each of us..
30 Apr Why Maraley is Exceptional
0 3236
Why Maraley is Exceptional Every single woman in the working world knows how important first impressions are. From the first interview to your first presentation in front of colleagues, a male-domin..
02 Jan New Year, New You!
0 2464
The New Year’s Resolutions You Need to Make in 2018! Chances are high that if you’re reading this article, you’ve spent plenty of time making New Year’s resolutions in the past. Maybe you told yourse..
27 Jul Silk, Embroidery is music of the soul
0 2707
Embroidery is music of the soul   If you have read our post “Magic of Natural Silk”, you will know we love embroidered clothing, especially how embroidery has gone through some sort of revival durin..
05 Jul Magic of natural silk
0 2787
I am sure many of you heard that “natural silk is a child of east”. But have also heard of amazing qualities of a natural silk and its unnatural influence on human’s health? In ancient China, the hom..
29 Jun A brand new concept of business casual for women
0 1360
In nowadays changing business environment, dress code became more casual than ever before. While this applies to both men and women, business casual or casual doesn’t imply the sloppy look.   When c..
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